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  • residential and commercial fencing
  • walls, planters and sodding
  • Wide range of paving stones, slabs, steps and curbs

Established in 2002, Paysagiste ADA has completed hundreds of residential and commercial projects. Our professionals, with over 30 years of combined experience in landscaping and fence installation, work tirelessly to deliver distinct and exciting projects in a timely fashion.

Whether a driveway, alleyway, patio, terrace, low wall, or planters, or ensuring your privacy with the installation of an ornamental or chain link fence, only materials of the highest quality are used. The result? Landscaping and fences for which aesthetics, durability and ease of care are on the menu… for a long time!

Whatever your budget, whether you have a well-defined vision of your project or need a helping hand to design your landscaping, or to choose the fence of your dreams, we will listen to you and guide you.
Our reputation, our competitive prices and our personalized landscaping and fencing services are our strength.

They will also become yours. It’s guaranteed.